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Immerse your pet in the serene luxury of Full Moon Groom, a fully self-contained mobile salon delivering holistic grooming experiences to the SW Portland area since 2021. With nearly two decades of experience, Jill, our dedicated founder, specializes in a spa-like, all-inclusive service that comes right to your doorstep. Offering more than just grooming, Jill infuses every session with holistic practices like Reiki, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere that caters to the wellbeing of both cats and dogs of all breeds. At Full Moon Groom, every pet receives calm, confident care designed to refresh both body and soul, underlining our commitment to your pet's health and happiness as our utmost priority. Trust in Full Moon Groom for an unparalleled, nurturing grooming experience that honors the holistic specialty your pet deserves.

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Hi it’s nice to meet you. I’m Jill, the face behind Full Moon Groom. Dedicated to my passion and adoration for animal care, I became a professional Dog Groomer in 2004. Ever since, I have been providing loyal and loving pet care and services to my four legged friends. I pride myself on my patience, kindness and competence — and my clients would agree. I attend trade shows and classes regularly because it’s important to continue learning and growing, both in business and personally. I am also Reiki certified and use healing energy in my van for a calming experience for both me and your pet. It does wonders on nervous and shy friends.  I can’t wait to start looking after your precious pet.

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In my mobile spa, I offer a peaceful alternative to the traditional grooming chaos, bringing holistic pampering and energy work directly to you, away from the stressful environment of caged barking and anxious waits typical in salons. Imagine a tranquil space where your pet receives my undivided attention in a calm, cage-free setting, enhanced with soothing energy work to truly relax and rejuvenate their spirit. Each session with me is a personalized journey of care, completed in about an hour. When you book a session, you're choosing more than a grooming service; you're providing your pet with a serene retreat, where I dedicate myself to nurturing their body and soul with love and attentive care.


A few minutes getting to know your pet is always the first step. 

  • Check the skin and coat 

  • Shampoo and conditioner customized to their specific needs 

  • Ears cleaned 

  • Glands checked

  • Teeth brushed 

  • Extra thorough rinse 

  • Towel and blow-dry warm and soft 

  • Nails trimmed and filed smooth

  • Haircut (if applicable)

  • Bow/bandana/tie

  • Lots of praise and pets 

  • Calm, confident, safe environment

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(Currently, we are accepting new clients with pets up to a weight limit of 50lbs)

Our pricing is comprehensive, factoring in your pet's breed, the type and condition of their coat, their temperament and age, as well as the frequency of their grooming sessions. We recommend a standard maintenance schedule of 6 weeks or less. Please note, all quoted prices are starting rates.

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Indulge your pet in our holistic Bath & Brush experience, designed to pamper them from nose to tail. Each session includes a thorough skin and coat assessment, a relaxing 5-minute Reiki session to soothe their spirit, a customized bath tailored to their specific needs, and a gentle blow dry. We also provide meticulous nail trimming, ear cleaning, and finish off with a stylish bow/bandana/tie, all while showering your pet with love and care. For those looking for a little extra neatness, our "Tidy" add-on is the perfect finishing touch.


  • Small (up to 15 lbs): Starting at $110

  • Medium (16 - 35 lbs): Starting at $130

  • Large (35 - 50 lbs): Starting at $155

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Elevate your pet's grooming experience with our Full Groom service, offering a comprehensive spa treatment that goes beyond our Bath & Brush package. This deluxe service includes all the pampering of our Bath & Brush—skin and coat assessment, a serene 5-minute Reiki session, a customized bath, gentle blow drying, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, complemented by a stylish bow/bandana/tie. Additionally, your pet will receive a full-body haircut tailored to your preference, ensuring they look as good as they feel.


  • Small (up to 15 lbs): Starting at $135

  • Medium (16 - 35 lbs): Starting at $165

  • Large (35 - 50 lbs): Starting at $195

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Dive into a world of specialized care with our Full Groom service, uniquely designed for poodles and doodles. Priced at $125/hr, this grooming session is an homage to the breeds we adore, acknowledging their need for a little extra pampering. Your beloved pet will be treated to meticulous attention, blending traditional grooming with the specific requirements that poodles and doodles demand.
Pricing: Price varies, at $125/hr

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Indulge your cat in our suite of grooming services, meticulously designed to cater to their every need. From a soothing bath to a full makeover, our offerings ensure your feline enjoys a luxurious spa day in a serene and loving atmosphere, focusing on their comfort and well-being.

Bath & Brush:

  • Shorthaired Cats: Starting at $135

  • Longhaired Cats: Starting at $145

  • Full Groom: Starting at $150

  • Fresh Start Shavedown: Starting at $175

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Text us at (928) 325 - 2326

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with any questions you might have.

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